Barry-Wehmiller Network

Recognition and Celebration

ControlTech Automation recognition events are reflective of our unique, people-centric culture.  We regularly recognize and celebrate the achievements of our professionals who are essential to our success, including:

The High Five Award:  Provides the opportunity for professionals to recognize any individual who goes above and beyond their normal daily duties to help achieve client success via outstanding project contributions, or by directly supporting our team members in the field. Recipients are honored with a personalized recognition event organized by their local office team.  In addition, the High Five recipient receives a personalized letter of commendation from the Chief Executive Officer of Barry-Wehmiller Company, Bob Chapman.

GPL SSR:  In order to celebrate those individuals who drive achievement and fulfillment throughout our organization, Barry-Wehmiller created the GPL Chevy SSR Program, a recognition system in which outstanding individuals are publically rewarded for their exceptional efforts by receiving the keys to a Chevy SSR. Winners are nominated by their colleagues who are challenged to asked themselves:

  • Is there someone who has a significant impact on your life at Barry-Wehmiller?
  • Is there someone whose coaching or mentoring has enhanced your personal and professional development?
  • Is there someone who helps create environment that drives us to perform at the highest levels?
  • Do you know someone who makes your life at Barry-Wehmiller more fulfilling?