Barry-Wehmiller Network

Recognition and Celebration

ControlTech Automation recognition events are reflective of our unique, people-centric culture.  We regularly recognize and celebrate the achievements of our professionals who are essential to our success, including:

The High Five Award:  Provides professionals the opportunity to recognize their peers who they see going above and beyond their normal job responsibilities.

GPL SSR:  In order to celebrate those individuals who drive achievement and fulfillment throughout our organization, Barry-Wehmiller created the GPL Chevy SSR Program, a recognition system in which outstanding individuals are publically rewarded for their exceptional efforts by receiving the keys to a Chevy SSR. Winners are nominated by their colleagues who are challenged to asked themselves:

  • Is there someone who has a significant impact on your life at Barry-Wehmiller?
  • Is there someone whose coaching or mentoring has enhanced your personal and professional development?
  • Is there someone who helps create environment that drives us to perform at the highest levels?
  • Do you know someone who makes your life at Barry-Wehmiller more fulfilling? 
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