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The ControlTech Automation Quality Assurance process was developed over a 25 year history of designing and assembling control panels. Procedural documents, quality checks by engineers and senior technicians, along with design and workmanship training ensure our Quality Assurance process.

Manufacturing Review – Prior to production release, a Manufacturing Engineer performs a review by documenting inventory, reviewing the mechanical and electrical drawings, comparison of BOM/schematics, nameplate review, and manufacturing hand-off procedure review.

UL Verification – Developed from UL 508A and UL 698 guidelines, a Manufacturing Engineer performs the review focusing on environmental, wire bend/wire fill, main disconnect means, branch circuit, and SCCR evaluation reviews. 

Engineering Handoff – A Project Engineer reviews the process through document inventory, customer specification review, certificate requirements review, shipping detail review, and special instructions documents.

Production Check – An Assembly Technician reviews mechanical, electrical, labeling, and cleanliness of the project, pre-production.

Final Inspection – Following industry guidelines, a trained Senior Manufacturing Professional performs a post-production review covering mechanical, electrical, power-up, final document inventory, punch list record, and corrective action. 

ControlTech Automation Quality Assurance